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Hello, I'm Karen

I had a 30 year career in public sector management, and I worked in developing and presenting events, in facilitating groups and I managed projects that ranged from strategic planning through to developing business plans before a major business relocation.  However, I was always particularly drawn to projects involving change and in managing the impact of change on people.

After 30 years, both I and my life had changed, and I was ready for a new challenge. Having always enjoyed helping people assimilate change and find ways to embrace it, I was interested to work more directly with people who were in difficulty. I discovered Solution Focused (SF) Hypnotherapy and the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training school. 

Hypnotherapy for Healing, St Neots

SF Hypnotherapy is very powerful, encouraging people to focus on the positive and to take small steps to make big changes. I also use trance during my work with clients. There is nothing sinister about this, its simply a state of relaxation and its something that happens to us every day. Perhaps you have completed a journey but don't actually remember every part of it? That's a trance state and it can also happen while exercising, watching tv, etc.

Hypnotherapy for Healing, St Neots

I have used SF Hypnotherapy very successfully to treat phobias and to treat anger, anxiety and depression, amongst many other things. I love my one to one work with clients and I also work with a hypnotherapist colleague writing and presenting podcasts and courses. Our collaborative work is in the name Our Two Minds. 

For current and former clients, a link to my Trance Audio File can be found here


Please don't listen to the file while working, driving or using machinery. It is only to be used when you are able to be fully relaxed. 

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