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10 October is World Mental Health Day

so how does a Solution Focused hypnotherapist spend their day? Well this Solution Focused hypnotherapist followed some well-tested practices!

First, my favourite way to start my day, a walk. Some days I have more time than others, but I always try to do this.

Second, a cappuccino. Time spent with a good coffee, watching the world go by. I might people watch or I might squeeze in a chapter of my book.

Third, and this was a bonus, a catch up with a good friend,

These simple practices bring me peace and happiness, The smallest of things that can help protect our mental wellbeing.

But if you are struggling:

Speak to friends or family

If necessary, speak to your GP

Seek help from a therapist, and there are many different types.

Solution Focused hypnotherapy works on improving your sleep, encouraging you to see the postiives in your life and in helping you to identify the changes that can be made.

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