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I’m so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed — Anonymous

When all is well in life, good sleep is easy. With a good night's sleep, we are able to function in a logical way during the day, manage our feelings and emotions and make good decisions.

You may have a regular night time routine, avoiding caffeine and stopping tv and screen time well before bed. Perhaps you have a relaxing bath. You may just go to bed when you are tired. Either way, you snuggle down and sleep comes.

You may have had a few niggles or inconveniences during the day but during your dreaming/REM sleep, these are processed and filed away easily within the 20% of our sleep that our brain can handle, Remember, the rest of our sleep is for rest and recuperation.

When you wake up, it's fairly easy to get up and start the day. Maybe you sing in the shower? Or love to make breakfast for the family? But you can face your day calmly and you are ready for whatever the day brings.

And this is how it meant to be. But for many, it is not......

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