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I've noticed that I've been working with lots of ladies recently....

I think this is because my clients usually come to me by word-of-mouth. This means that my clients recognise their symptoms in friends and family, and are kind enough to pass on my name.

These ladies have been experiencing stress, anxiety and of feeling overwhelmed. Some have also been feeling lost and uncertain about the future and may have been struggling with peri-menopause or menopause symptoms. It's a subject that very close to my heart.

In Solution Focused hypnotherapy, we talk a lot about the stress bucket, the place where all our negative thoughts go. When it gets too full, it begins to have an averse affect on our lives. Our sleep suffers, we feel disengaged from life and struggle to cope. We may also feel angry, anxious or depressed, and this can happen to anyone in life. If we also have to cope with other life events (menopause, a busy job, bereavement, etc.), then it becomes very tough indeed.

Working together, these ladies and I have achieved great results. Sleep has improved and they have regained the capacity to cope with their lives. Best of all, they've regained the joy in their lives.

For self-help, I recommend the following:

Establish a good sleep regime

Take time out for yourself regularly

Look for the positives in your life.

These small steps will often make a difference. If the problem still feesl too difficult to cope with alone, speak to your GP or get in touch.

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